“You need E O S” — No, We Need To Talk…

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Ask anyone who has implemented E O S into their business and they will say they do not follow it to a perfect “T”


Because businesses (especially fast growing companies) do not fit into a box.

I’ve also seen businesses lose out on one of their largest investments because of the “box” mentality…

…by labelling and putting key team members in “their lane” they miss out on leveraging hidden talents their team members can bring to the table.

Now, EOS has added tremendous value to the industry and is an amazing starting point.

But from my experience working with teams looking to hit their first million to those looking to break into 9 figure land… to think that a bundle of tactics will get you to your next level of growth is a mistake.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss what you need to reach your next level of growth and scale intelligently.




Blog moved to https://dogoodwork.io/spark

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Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Blog moved to https://dogoodwork.io/spark

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