What’s the easiest way to get more clients?

Raul Hernandez Ochoa
2 min readFeb 11, 2021
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

I had the opportunity to be invited on the AgoraPulse Agency Growth chat on Twitter. I’d like to take their question and answer format to provide a more in depth explanation to the tweet size answers I gave (if you’re curious to see those, follow me on Twitter @rherochoa)

Here’s Q3:

Q3 What’s the easiest way to get more clients?

Ok, EASY is not the best word so let’s focus on LOWEST HANGING FRUIT (or if you’re on Keto, let’s focus on the slowest running beef 🤷)

1 — Current Clients

Assuming you have good rapport and trust with your clients, work with your best clients to

a) earn more business

b) ask who they know and if they can make an intro for you

If you are afraid of asking, give them a way to “back out” — for example “we love working with you, and we’d rather focus on helping you succeed than spend more time prospecting [if you’re a solo business or a small team, mention that here], now, don’t feel pressured or obligated but I’d love to ask who do you know that can benefit from [service you provide]”.

If they mention someone let them know “I can send you a simple copy/paste message for you to make the intro, If you’d like”.

Bottom line: reduce friction and make it enjoyable to refer clients to you.

2- Strategic Partners

Build a relationship and find ways to partner up with companies who are already working with your clients. Here are a few ways to identify them:

-Who in your line of work services the same clients but does not compete with you?

-What apps or software do your best clients use?

-What memberships or masterminds are your best clients a part of? How might you help the owners of these groups by adding more value and being exposed to a group of potential best new clients?

There are other ways of getting new clients (podcasting, networking, offer funnels, etc) but the lowest hanging fruit is the best place to start today.