STOP Following Your Passion: What To Do Instead…

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There is an erroneous and misleading mantra of the times telling you to follow your passion and you’ll be happy.

A few points:

First of all, happiness isn’t something you earn. If you believe happiness is earned, you will never be fully satisfied, feeding your never-ending hunger.

Second, following your passion may lead you to drop your responsibilities and clear calling.

Third, it is no accident you were born at this time, with your family, situation, and unique abilities.

What to do instead.

There is an intersection of:

  • what you are extraordinary at (natural talent + practice)
  • your current responsibilities (including current situation and circumstances)
  • what you are drawn to (seeking either beauty, love, or truth — or all 3)

In that intersection lies where you need to begin.

To deploy your abilities, take up your responsibilities, and create a difference.

Life is giving.

And as time goes on you will find you will be able to give more, do more, and become a greater person.




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Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul Hernandez Ochoa

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