Scaling Intelligently: Value Design

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There are core pillars in business that are quite obvious and others that are hidden beneath the surface (we’ll talk about those tomorrow).

One of those core pillars is simple: create value for your customers.

When you design value for your customers: you are listening to the market, analyzing trends, and studying behavior.

Some of the value creation efforts are included in your actual marketing (not selling) when you position the benefits and solutions in a NEW way to your audience.

This is the art of studying your customers, empathizing with their problems, understanding their world views, and demonstrating how you can solve their problems.

Designing value is simply not engineering by creating the next best product, but simply being human and understanding the person you’re looking to serve.

Value designed with proper metrics, profit margin, go to market strategy, team delivery and fulfillment is a core pillar to scaling business without complexity.

Tomorrow we will discuss the business design that will allow you to maximize not only efficiency but the effectiveness of the value you are delivering.




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Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul Hernandez Ochoa

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