Scaling Intelligently Begins With Design

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When you look out to nature you see that it is organized towards a purpose.

An entrepreneurial endeavor is no different.

There must be an end goal or milestone in mind. A purpose for the work.

The work cannot be the purpose in itself. That would be fruitless. It’s like thinking the purpose of a seed is to be a seed and not grow into a flower.

We as humans have the capacity to reason and thus we can design our work to reach a purpose that we aim to serve.

This is the first basis for growing (and scaling) a business intelligently.

To identify what the impact of the work will have and then (as a starting point) build based on your current situation.

Then carefully, over time, building the work into the ideal design.

The ideal design for the work itself, the team you want to or not want to have, the type of clients you want to take on, the types of stressors you’ll experience and the type of lifestyle you will lead.

In order to grow sustainably over the long term, we must design and build with a long term approach.

This is the starting point and in the next Spark, we will take your design and implement it into your company’s DNA.




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Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul Hernandez Ochoa

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