Demystifying Growth

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There is an illusion trap that we fall into as entrepreneurs that not only stunts but creates a barrier between you and your growth goals.

The trap of:
-always seeking for the next big “thing” (whatever that is)
-dismissing simple concepts because they seem TOO simple they simply “wouldn’t work for me” (pun intended)
-thinking the more you pay the more value you will receive…

These are simply an illusion of perception.

Instead of the “next big thing” focus on “what has gotten results”.
-Review your company o-KPI’s and double down on the metrics you need to positively influence

Instead of dismissing simple concepts, change your perception of simple. -Simple is complexity distilled into one elegant idea that can be easily grasped. It does not mean execution will be a breeze.

Instead of assuming “the more you pay, it must be good” — make sure you are investing in the right things first based on your company needs. Make this decision by looking at your metrics.

Scaling your business is not complex, nor should it be.

By looking first are your company metrics and making an educated decision based on your NEEDS, you can make the best strategic moves without falling into an illusion.




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Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul Hernandez Ochoa

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