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Successful business owners are not smarter than you…

…they just run their business like a business.

Setting themselves up with key ingredients like:

  • predictable sales
  • fine-tuned customer fulfillment process
  • process to create higher customer lifetime value…

Want a sneak peek behind how they do it?

Download the Core Operations worksheet and discover how multi-million dollar brands set themselves up with the right ingredients for success.

You’ll be surprised how short the ingredient list is!

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Let’s cut to the chase, here are the 10 things you need to stop doing if you want to be successful in your business:


1- checking your notifications throughout the day (including your email)

2- tracking and caring about vanity metrics

3- getting lost in busy work that isn’t focused on either a) creating a more valuable product b) creating a better customer experience c) selling

4- avoiding sales

5- creating excuses

6- scheduling meetings with the team to just check in on what they are working on

7- micromanaging your team

8- avoiding responsibility and accountability