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My work helps founders build their business frameworks that allow them to grow their business with certainty, help their team thrive & leave a legacy

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Frameworks, systems, process, scale [INSERT FAD WORD HERE]

Ok, so I grabbed your attention.

But seriously, how do you develop a framework not only for your business today but for where you want to GROW your business to?

It all starts with DESIGN.

What do you want your business and team to look like NEXT YEAR? 3 YEARS from now… how about 21 years from now?

I bet you very few people have asked you that 21 year question.

That’s because not too many people know how to design a business, a team and profit for the long term.


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The formula to achieving whatever goal you set for yourself and your company is a finite formula. However, it is continuous through time.

The formula is:

Effort x Time = Result

In order words, we could label this as persistence.

And since we need to implement our efforts IN TIME, that means we need to employ the power of daily habits to implement our daily efforts day by day.

The question then is:

What are the daily habits you need to focus on to achieve your business goals?

That all depends on your business, industry, and goals. But I can say there are roughly 9–12…

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Let’s be real.

There are non-revenue driving activities and revenue driven activities in your company happening right now.

How balanced are your activities?

In order to diagnose your customer acquisitions strategy, you need to understand first, “what am I doing” to:

a) get leads

b) qualify those leads

c) convert those leads to customers

List out your activities for each.

You might have several activities under bucket A, B and C.

Once you list out each activity, review what your current numbers are.

If you are not measuring results, start immediately.

After measuring your baselines per activity, identify which activities…

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There is no one size fits all.

But there are common elements for success.

Here are 5 keys to building a business that lasts.

1 — Solve a pungent, in demand, and valuable problem for your customer.

Just as in marketing where weak offers convert lower than strong offers, if your core business offering isn’t set on a pain or trend your customers will need solving over time, you are on shaky ground.

2 — Create predictability in your sales process.

This goes further than simply lead generation. This goes to taking a lead, nurturing the lead, qualifying the lead…

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“Wake up at 4, workout at 5”

“Finish the most important work before 9”

That might be ideal but has this happened to you:

You wake up 1 hour right before your 8 or even 9 o’clock meeting?

There’s no shame.

I had that happen to me more in these last few months than I’d like to admit.

We’re all human.

But we also all have a choice.

Not just for getting up but for anything we want to accomplish.

How are we going to do better tomorrow?

How can we prep to step up to the plate again the…

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What’s your secret agenda?

Why are you really in business?

The answer to this will drive every action and every decision you make in your company.

It will also attract and repel.

Attract potential new hires, opportunities, and business partners.

It will repel those potential new hires, opportunities, and business partners who do not agree with your philosophy…

Here’s my secret agenda:

I help entrepreneurs & their teams create certainty in their business.

But why and who cares?

(this is my secret agenda)

To help you become better in all areas of your life… not just your business.

Certainty creates…

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