7 Traits Of The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

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These are all my PERSONAL observations of working alongside some really successful entrepreneurs. They are not in any particular order.

1 — wakes up early and workout. Average time wake time 3:30–5:00am.

2 — has an attitude and mindset that looks at the upside without ignoring the downside. In other words: POSITIVE.

3 — reaches a goal and asks “what’s next”

4 — is mission and goal oriented.

5 — doesn’t stop when there are obstacles. Sees them as opportunities.

6 — isn’t waiting until perfect and takes quick action while adjusting course along the way (does not mean sloppy action but quick to implement the RIGHT things)

7 — is always LEARNING

BONUS: 8: understands and taps into the power of nurturing others (especially their team)

BONUS: 9: has the attitude and drive to “FIGURE IT OUT”. Persists until they make progress.




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Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Raul Hernandez Ochoa

Blog moved to https://dogoodwork.io/spark

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